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Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab LP#9 Stylus Cleaner

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab LP#9 Stylus Cleaner


Improves the Sound of Your Analog System, Extends Cartridge Life, Includes Soft Brush: Hear Finer Detail While Reducing Record Wear


This great new product enhances the performance of the stylus by a great measure. It combines the cleaner and preservative into one effective easy to use product. It is the recommended fluid of several major cartridge manufacturers (Benz Micro, Transfiguration, Koetsu). 


Don't let a dirty stylus gets between you and your music. Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab LP#9 stylus cleaner is a simple, easy-to-use solution that improves the sound of your analog system while extending the life of your phono cartridge. LP#9 provides smoother, grain-free sound and increased stylus life while also reducing record wear.


Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab LP#9 is both a stylus cleaner and a stylus preservative in one bottle. The fluid is only used sparingly, so this half-ounce bottle will last you a long time. A soft stylus cleaning brush, which protects the delicate stylus while keeping it clean, is also included. Purchase a second bottle and save!


“This ‘brush-in-a-bottle’ cleaner effectively removes crud on your stylus and is so easy to use that you’ll get in the good habit of cleaning the stylus before playing each [LP] side.”
—The Absolute Sound, Editors’ Choice Award


NOTE: This product can only ship via FedEx Ground and only in the continental U.S.



Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab LP#9 Stylus Cleaner

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