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Norah Jones - Come Away With Me 20th Anniversary CD

Norah Jones Come Away With Me 20th Anniversary CD


Beautifully crafted, expertly recorded and played, the intimacy of the 14 mellow, soul-and-country tinged songs is what makes it so special. It's like eavesdropping on someone's private thoughts and it has a maturity that belies Jones' age – she was 22 years old when she made it.


Aside from the opening track, which made the Billboard Top 30, her cover of Hank Williams' "Cold Cold Heart" and the delicate "Come Away With Me" serve as the standout cuts. A modern-day "standard" akin to Carole King's Tapestry, few records in the 21st Century have resonated like this one!


This relaxed, folky-jazzy affair that is one of Blue Note's all-time success stories.  This unknown singer's album exploded based on the allure of her ever-so pleasing voice, a superb selection of classic songs ('Cold, Cold Heart', 'The Nearness of You') and a fine crop of new originals.  


Norah Jones Come Away With Me 20th Anniversary Track Listing:


1. Don't Know Why
2. Seven Years
3. Cold Cold Heart
4. Feelin' The Same Way
5. Come Away With Me
6. Shoot The Moon
7. Turn Me On
8. Lonestar
9. I've Got To See You again
10. Painter Song
11. One Flight Down
12. Nightingale
13. The Long Day Is Over
14. The Nearness Of You

Norah Jones - Come Away With Me 20th Anniversary CD

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