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Oingo Boingo - Nothing to Fear Vinyl LP

Oingo Boingo Nothing to Fear Vinyl LP


Nothing to Fear possesses a more hard-edged sound than the band's previous releases, featuring louder electric guitar and percussion, an increased and more varied use of synthesizers and the introduction of sequencers on some tracks. The songs also feature an unorthodox range of instruments, some of which were designed and built by the band.


The original 3:47 mix of the song "Private Life" was replaced on later vinyl pressings and CD issues by the 3:18 single mix. The original mix features more prominent bass guitar and xylophone, with a repeat of some verses and longer intro. The song's release was accompanied by a music video, directed by Danny Elfman's brother Richard Elfman, founder of the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo.


In April 2020, Danny Elfman reprised "Running on a Treadmill" in a new solo rendition on his official website and Instagram page, recorded in self-quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic with an accompanying video filmed by his daughter, Mali Elfman. It is only one of two Oingo Boingo songs Elfman has publicly performed since the band broke up in 1995. Elfman later reprised "Insects" for his 2021 album, Big Mess.


Despite continuous condemnation from critics, Nothing to Fear received high regional sales and radio airplay at the time of its release, selling 125,000 copies in its original run.[citation needed]

Trouser Press writer Ira A. Robbins opined that Nothing to Fear was "more likable" than its predecessor, Only a Lad, but still sounded "phony", calling it a "derivative disappointment."


Elfman often used the negativity of critics to the band's advantage through publicity, stating: "The music [the critics] like is inspirationless and contrived. If we start getting praise from this clique of six or eight reviewers, we'd probably have to evaluate where we went astray."


Following the album's release, the band went on a successful tour opening for bands such as the Police and Fear. The song "Wild Sex (in the Working Class)" was later featured in the John Hughes film Sixteen Candles (1984).


Oingo Boingo Nothing to Fear Track Listing:


1. Grey Matter
2. Insects
3. Private Life 
4. Wild Sex (in the Working Class)
5. Running on a Treadmill
6. Whole Day Off
7. Nothing to Fear (But Fear Itself)
8. Why'd We Come
9. Islands
10. Reptiles and Samurai

Oingo Boingo - Nothing to Fear Vinyl LP

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