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Peach Pit - You and Your Friends Vinyl LP

Peach Pit You and Your Friends Vinyl LP


You and Your Friends is the second full-length effort and first for Columbia Records from Vancouver band Peach Pit. The follow-up to their 2017 debut Being So Normal was produced by John Congleton (St. Vincent, Best Coast, Lana Del Rey) and features the new song "Black Licorice" as well as previously released tunes "Feelin' Low (Fuckboy Blues)" and "Shampoo Bottles." Peach Pit's songs feel like a close friend telling you a story.


The quartet refines this signature storytelling over a soundtrack of breezy guitars and some ballsy distortion. Lead-singer Neil Smith says: "You and Your Friends is a collection of songs about me, people that the band and I care about, and some of the old friends we've had over the years.


All the songs are written from true stories, some have been exaggerated more than others. We can't wait to finally let go of it and start playing these songs for you out on the road!"


Peach Pit You and Your Friends Track Listing:


1. Feelin' Low (Fuckboy Blues)
2. Black Licorice
3. Figure 8
4. Puppy Grin
5. Brian's Movie
6. Camilia, I'm at Home
7. Second Life with Emily
8. Lie at the Swamp
9. Shampoo Bottles
10. Thursday
11. Your Teeth
12. You and Your Friends

Peach Pit - You and Your Friends Vinyl LP

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