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Pearl Jam -  Completely Unplugged Colored Vinyl 2LP

Pearl Jam Completely Unplugged Colored Vinyl 2LP


Bonus cuts here feature further acoustic recordings, taken from the band’s appearance at Neil Young’s 1999 Bridge School Benefit Show.


Issued on Red vinyl housed in a gatefold jacket. Vinyl is transparent. Tracks are numbered sequentially on rear cover and labels.


Tailor made for a band like Pearl Jam, MTV’s acoustic showcase ran as a regular feature on the channel between 1989 and 1999. In September 1992, Pearl Jam were invited to appear on the show, and provided a quite stunning performance, replete with stripped down versions of their finest numbers to date, alongside a couple of choice covers.


Also featuring some fascinating and humorous between-song-rapport from main man Eddie, this previously unreleased recording finally makes it to vinyl, more than 25 years since the original broadcast.


Pearl Jam Completely Unplugged Track Listing:




1. Intro
2. Oceans
3. State of Love and Trust
4. Porch (version 1)
5. Alive
6. Black
7. Tuning Jam
8. Jeremy
9. Porch (version 2)




1. Encore Intro
2. Even Flow
3. Rockin in the Free World
4. Daughter
5. Wishlist
6. Last Kiss
7. Yellow

Pearl Jam - Completely Unplugged Colored Vinyl 2LP

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