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Pinback - Autumn of the Seraphs Vinyl LP

Pinback Autumn of the Seraphs Vinyl LP


2007's Autumn of the Seraphs served as songwriters Zach Smith's and Rob Crow's first record as Pinback since 2004's revered Summer in Abaddon. It marked the San Diego, CA indie-pop outfit's fourth full-length overall and second on Touch And Go.


Containing addictive melodies that are more dynamic and aggressive than ever before, Autumn of the Seraphs is tighter and the drumming more immediate and crisp adding up to form one of their strongest complete collections to date.


Pinback Autumn of the Seraphs Track Listing:


1. From Nothing To Nowhere
2. Barnes
3. Good To Sea
4. How We Breathe
5. Walters
6. Subbing for Eden
7. Devil You Know
8. Blue Harvest
9. Torch
10. Bouquet
11. Off By 50

Pinback - Autumn of the Seraphs Vinyl LP

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