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Primus - Suck On This Colored Vinyl LP

Primus Suck On This Colored Vinyl LP


Led by musical genius and renowned world-class bassist Les Claypool, Primus formed in 1984 and initially released albums at a furious pace, from their live debut, 1989's Suck On This, through to 1999's Antipop, with an average gap of two years between each release.


The band's curious song titles and head-scratching live shows resembled a drug-induced circus sideshow or adult-themed amusement park. Not only was Suck On This Primus' first full-length album but it was also live, recorded at the Berkeley Square in Berkeley, California on February 25 and March 5, 1989 by a dialed in line-up of bassist/vocalist Les Claypool, guitarist Larry LaLonde and drummer Tim Alexander.


A memorable first outing, it captures the Rush meets Zappa sounding trio at their unhinged best. All of the songs would receive studio renditions on 1990's Frizzle Fry and subsequent releases.


Primus Suck On This Track Listing:


1. John The Fisherman
2. Groundhog's Day
3. The Heckler
4. Pressman
5. Jellikit
6. Tommy The Cat
7. Pudding Time
8. Harold Of The Rocks
9. Frizzle Fry

Primus - Suck On This Colored Vinyl LP

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