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Prince - Emancipation Colored Vinyl 6LP Box Set

Prince Emancipation Colored Vinyl 6LP Box Set


The Prince Estate and Legacy Recordings continue their partnership this year with the reissue of this key album from 1996, the 6LP set Emancipation. The set is made available on vinyl for the first time in more than 20 years and is now pressed on Purple Vinyl.


A key thread through Prince's career was a lifelong quest for freedom. Personal, professional, creative, spiritual and sexual freedoms were key tenets of his mission as a producer, arranger, composer and performer. 1996 was a key year in that quest, which saw him release one of his loosest, shortest, most carefree albums as well as one of his most precise and expansive. These physical reissues offer another great opportunity to illuminate yet another crucial era in Prince's history.


Emancipation Prince's first release off Warner Bros. in a one-off agreement between NPG Records and EMI came in November of 1996 just 4 months after Chaos And Disorder was as expansive an album as anything he'd ever release.


A triple album constituting exactly three hours of music, Emancipation found Prince celebrating the release of music solely on his terms. "This is my most important record," he proclaimed to the Minneapolis Star Tribune upon its release. "I'm free, and my music is free."


Much like Paisley Park, the recording complex in which Prince created Emancipation, the album represents the incredible variety of his influences and moods. Romance and family are key themes ("Somebody' s Somebody," "The Holy River," "The Love We Make"), reflecting his recent marriage to back-up dancer and muse Mayte Garcia that year as well as the impending arrival of their child.


Prince Emancipation Track Listing:




1. Jam Of The Year
2. Right Back Here In My Arms
3. Somebody's Somebody
4. Get Yo Groove On
5. Courtin' Time
6. Betcha By Golly Wow!




1. We Gets Up
2. White Mansion
3. Damned If Eye Do
4. Eye Can't Make U Love Me
5. Mr. Happy
6. In This Bed Eye Scream




1. Sex In The Summer
2. One Kiss At A Time
3. Soul Sanctuary
4. Emale
5. Curious Child
6. Dreamin' About U




1. Joint 2 Joint
2. The Holy River
3. Let's Have A Baby
4. Saviour
5. The Plan
6. Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother/Wife




1. Slave
2. New World
3. The Human Body
4. Face Down
5. La, La, La Means I Love You
6. Style


1. Sleep Around
2. Da, Da, Da
3. My Computer
4. One Of Us
5. The Love We Make
6. Emancipation

Prince - Emancipation Colored Vinyl 6LP Box Set

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