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Pro-Ject - High Power It Grounded High Current Supply

Pro-Ject High Power It Grounded High Current Supply


Pro-Ject High Power It Grounded High Current 15V Power Supply for all DC Turntables


High Power It Grounded, High-Current Power Supply Solves Hum Issues with DC-Powered Turntables: Easy-to-Use Pro-Ject Device Also Increases Sonic Clarity and Cleanliness


Affordably and easily enhance the performance of your DC turntable with High Power It, a grounded high-current 15V power supply that works with nearly all DC-powered decks and also helps solve ground-caused hum problems.


A three-pole power supply with a special earthing connection that eliminates earthing issues, High Power It both resolves issues within your turntable and improves the performance with external electronics that may not have their own earth connection.


The inclusion of a grounding pole in the power-supply connector also means any radio-magnetic interference (RMI) introduced into the system is led to ground and steered away from impact the music. You'll experience cleaner, clearer sound and leave hum in the rearview mirror.


More About High Power It
If a turntable is not properly grounded, it may have a different reference potential than the connected amplifier. Consequently, these potential differences induce a compensating current that can be heard as hum.


Hence, all good turntables have a separate ground cable that can be connected to standard amplifiers or phonostages, which usually have a ground terminal.


However, many modern amps, especially most amps of soundbars or streaming speakers, have no ground connection. If a standard turntable is connected to such an amplifier, audible hum will be the result.


Enter High Power It, a three-pin power supply with ground connection for Pro-Ject turntables to get rid of these ground-related hum problems, especially occurring with amplifiers with no real ground connection. Also, High Power It delivers cleaner current and more power to all Pro-Ject turntables.

Pro-Ject - High Power It Grounded High Current Supply

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