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Pro-Ject Power Supply for Turntables & Box Series

Pro-Ject Power Supply for Turntables & Box Series


OEM replacement PSU for Pro-ject 16V turntables and Box components

Several years ago, Pro-Ject transitioned to a 15V@550mA PSUs for all their Box units and smaller turntables.


This is much closer to the 14.5V these devices actually require. Not having to “burn-off” an additional volt also increases the longevity of the devices and having a little extra current available is always a good thing.


This PSU is interchangeable with any OEM Pro-Ject 16V@500mA PSU.


Pro-Ject USA Models


Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (Non DC Models)
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon USB
Pro-Ject Essential 
Pro-Ject Essential II
Pro-Ject Xpression Carbon
Pro-Ject Debut
Pro-Ject Debut II
Pro-Ject Debut-II-Phono (SB)
Pro-Ject Debut SE II
Pro-Ject Debut III
Pro-Ject 1.2
Pro-Ject 1.2.E
Pro-Ject 1 Xpression
Pro-Ject 1 Xpression II
Pro-Ject 2.9 Classic
Pro-Ject 2.9 Wood
Pro-Ject 6.9
Pro-Ject Perspective/Perspective II
Pro-Ject RPM 4
Pro-Ject RPM 5
Pro-Ject RPM 6/RPM-6SB
Pro-Ject RPM 9 (9X, 9XP)
Pro-Ject RPM 10

Pro-Ject Power Supply for Turntables & Box Series

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