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Pro-Ject - RPM 5 Carbon Turntable

Pro-Ject RPM 5 Carbon Turntable


Superb Tracking, Quiet Operation: Pro-Ject RPM 5 Carbon Turntable Conquers Analog with Nine-Inch Carbon-Fiber EVO Tonearm, Decoupled Motor, and Bluepoint No. 2 Cartridge


Rev up the sound of your listening experiences with the Pro-Ject RPM 5 Carbon turntable. Building on the strengths of its acclaimed predecessor, RPM 5.2, The Absolute Sound Product of the Year Award-winner incorporates exciting innovations from the company's highly praised flagship models.


For example, the included nine-inch carbon-fiber 9cc Evolution tonearm proves a superb tracker that alone makes RPM 5 worth its cost. Ditto the presence of Sumiko's legendary Bluepoint No. 2 moving-coil cartridge, adding to a package conveys luxurious detail and delivers prodigious bass production with startling speed.


Built for aural purity, RPM 5 boasts a thick, acoustically inert acrylic platter and elegant, adjustable, stainless-steel feet to isolate the ‘table from surrounding vibrations so that music will emerge out of black backgrounds. The architecture also grants you a wide range of placement options to achieve the very best sonic results.


RPM 5's low-resonance chassis is coated in carbon-fiber, and a ceramic ball is used in conjunction with its inverted platter bearing – decisions that lead to drastically reduced noise and mechanical rumble.


Visually, RPM Carbon 5's sleek lines, high-gloss finish, and ultra-modern shape can't be ignored. Once the needle drops, you and your guests will know that RPM 5 Carbon sounds as good as it looks. Indeed, Pro-Ject obsession with intelligent design becomes obvious once you consider RPM 5's ultra-precision outboard 15V AC motor.


The unit prevents mechanical resonances from interfering with the ‘table and ensures smooth, effortless playback. A complex 1500-psi heat-treatment process done at the factory significantly strengthened the conical carbon-fiber 9" EVO tonearm – a creation that provides first-rate tracking with both demanding moving-magnet and moving-coil cartridges.


Factor in Pro-Ject's proprietary counterweight-damping technology, and you have a turntable that lives to unearth the addictive rhythm, pacing, and dynamics buried in the grooves of your precious vinyl. 


“[RPM] 5 Carbon’s strengths were surpassingly quiet, black backgrounds and precise soundstage.”
—Drew Kalbach, The Absolute Sound, Product of the Year Award




Tonearm: 9cc EVO Carbon
Effective Arm Length: 9.05"
Effective Arm Mass: 8gms
Overhang: 18mm
Tracking force: up to 2.55 Gms
Speeds: 33 & 45 (manual speed change)
Drive Type: Belt Drive
Platter: 11.81", Acrylic
Main Bearing: Stainless Steel Axle with Ceramic Ball
Wow & Flutter:
   33: ±0.12%
   45: ±0.10%
Speed drift:
   33: ±0.17%
   45: ±0.08%
SNR: -73dB
Power Supply: 15VDC @ 800 mA (110-240 Volt, 50 or 60 Hz)
Power Consumption: 5W Max, < 0.3 watt (Standby)
Dimensions (WDH): 16.93" x 12.72" x 5.91"
Weight: 17.6 lbs.

Pro-Ject - RPM 5 Carbon Turntable

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