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Reba McEntire - Revived Remixed Revisited Vinyl 3LP

Reba McEntire Revived Remixed Revisited Vinyl 3LP


Reba McEntire's new three-part set, Revived Remixed Revisited is a themed collection that sees the country superstar presenting new takes on some of the most-loved songs in her stellar career.


Revived features some of McEntire's biggest hits as they have evolved in her ever-popular live shows, recorded with her touring band. These include all-new arrangements of such favorites among her legions of fans as "Is There Life Out There" and "Can't Even Get The Blues."


The Remixed set, meanwhile, casts a new light on such songs as "Little Rock" and "I'm A Survivor," and Revisited has Reba working with Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb to strip back and recut songs such as "Somebody Should Leave" and "Consider Me Gone." It also features Reba teaming with fellow country royalty Dolly Parton on "Does He Love You," which became a No.1 single in 1993 for Reba and Linda Davis.


"I've been continuing to make new albums," says McEntire in an exclusive interview with Variety, "and we really haven't spent the time to slow down enough to revisit and work the catalog and remind people of what we've done in the past. I'm really a forward thinker, so that was a little out of my realm [but] I think it's very important to keep the songs of mine that my fans grew up on [alive].


My fans are very loyal, very sweet to me and I think they're going to enjoy this three-album package where they can sit down and say, ‘Oh, I remember when Reba sang that in Omaha.'"


Reba McEntire Revived Remixed Revisited Track Listing:




1. Can’t Even Get The Blues
2. Is There Life Out There?
3. The Greatest Man I Never Knew
4. Walk On
5. Whoever’s In New England
6. The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia
7. For My Broken Heart
8. Take It Back/Why Haven’t I Heard From You
9. You Lie
10. Fancy




1. Turn On The Radio (Tracy Young Remix)
2. I’m Gonna Take That Mountain (Dave Aude’ Remix)
3. Little Rock (Stonebridge Mix)
4. I’m A Survivor (Lafemmebear Remix)
5. Does He Love You (Eric Kupper Remix)
6. Keep Me Hangin’ On (Love To Infinity Remix)
7. The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia (Eric Kupper Remix)
8. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter (Ralph Rosario Remix)
9. Why Haven’t I Heard From You (Dave Aude’ Remix)
10. Fancy (Dave Aude’ Remix)




1. The Fear of Being Alone
2. Consider Me Gone
3. Somebody Should Leave
4. How Blue
5. Does He Love You (with Dolly Parton)
6. One Promise Too Late
7. The Last One To Know
8. New Fool At An Old Game
9. I’m A Survivor
10. Fancy

Reba McEntire - Revived Remixed Revisited Vinyl 3LP

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