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Shakira - Laundry Service: 20th Anniversary Colored Vinyl 2LP

Shakira Laundry Service: 20th Anniversary Colored Vinyl 2LP


2021 marks the 20th anniversary of Columbian singer/songwriter and multiple Grammy winner Shakira's hit crossover album, Laundry Service. Originally released in November 2001, the triple Platinum affair was written and produced by Shakira and yielded the No. 1 single, "Suerte/Whenever, Wherever," "Objection (Tango)," and "Underneath Your Clothes."


"From the initial rush of "Objection (Tango)" to wonderfully offbeat album tracks like "Poem To A Horse" and Spanish-language hits like "Que Me Quedes Tú," this is a perfect project," hailed Idolator. "There isn't a less than immaculate song to be found and at least half the record is comprised of classic hits that defined the early '00s.


Laundry Service not only helped Shakira crack the US market, it also made her a superstar around the world. The numbers are staggering. It sold more than 13 million copies worldwide and ranks as one of the best-selling albums of the 21st century. That's mind-boggling considering the fusion of Latin and world music sounds as well as the fact that Shakira wrote every song in her early 20s."


To commemorate Laundry Service's 20th anniversary, the beloved LP is reissued here on colored double vinyl.


Shakira Laundry Service Track Listing:




1. Objection (Tango)
2. Underneath Your Clothes
3. Whenever, Wherever
4. Rules
5. The One
6. Ready For The Good Times




1. Fool
2. Te Dejo Madrid
3. Poem To A Horse
4. Que Me Quedas Tu
5. Eyes Like Yours (Ojos Asi)
6. Suerte (Whenever, Wherever)
7. Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Tango)

Shakira - Laundry Service: 20th Anniversary Colored Vinyl 2LP

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