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Skid Row - The Atlantic Years (1989-1996) 180g Vinyl 5LP & 2EP Box Set

Skid Row The Atlantic Years (1989-1996) 180g Vinyl 5LP & 2EP Box Set


Includes Their First 3 Studio Albums + B-Side Ourselves EP!


Also Includes The Subhuman Beings On Tour EP For The First Time On Vinyl.


For the first time ever, a 7LP box set including Skid Row's multi-million-selling, worldwide-charting first 3 studio albums - Skid Row, Slave to the Grind (2LP), and Subhuman Race (2LP). Also includes the B-Side Ourselves EP and, for the first time on vinyl, the Japan-only live EP, Subhuman Beings On Tour!


All five albums are newly remastered and presented on 180g black vinyl.

This box set features the Top 5-charting, 5x Platinum-certified debut album with the Top 10 smash hits "18 & Life" and "I Remember You," as well as the first heavy metal album to debut at #1 on the Billboard Top 200, the 2x Platinum Slave to the Grind.


Skid Row The Atlantic Years (1989-1996) Track Listing:


Skid Row (1989)


1. Big Guns
2. Sweet Little Sister
3. Can't Stand The Heartache
4. Piece Of Me
5. 18 And Life
6. Rattlesnake Shake
7. Youth Gone Wild
8. Here I Am
9. Makin' A Mess
10. I Remember You
11. Midnight / Tornado


Slave To The Grind (1991)


1. Monkey Business
2. Slave To The Grind
3. The Threat
4. Quicksand Jesus
5. Psycho Love
6. Get The Fuck Out
7. Livin' On A Chain Gang
8. Creepshow
9. In A Darkened Room
10. Riot Act
11. Mudkicker
12. Wasted Time


B-Side Ourselves (1992)


1. Psycho Therapy
2. C'Mon And Love Me
3. Delivering The Goods
4. What You're Doing
5. Little Wing


Subhuman Race (1995)


1. My Enemy
2. Firesign
3. Bonehead
4. Beat Yourself Blind
5. Eileen
6. Remains To Be Seen
7. Subhuman Race
8. Frozen
9. Into Another
10. Face Against My Soul
11. Medicine Jar
12. Breakin' Down
13. Iron Will


Subhuman Beings On Tour!! (1996)


1. Slave To The Grind
2. Delivering The Goods
3. Beat Yourself Blind
4. Psycho Therapy
5. Riot Act
6. Monkey Business

Skid Row - The Atlantic Years (1989-1996) 180g Vinyl 5LP & 2EP Box Set

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