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Smile - Phantom Island CD

Smile Phantom Island CD


Smile is the pet project of Björn Yttling & Joakim Åhlund. Björn, who is a member of famed international jet-set trio Peter, Björn and John, and also an extremely well merited writer and producer for a slew of other superstars such as Lykke Li, Primal Scream, Chrissie Hynde, and Haim to name but a few.


Joakim, or Jocke as they call him back in their native Sweden, is more the freeloader here, riding on the coat-tails of his more successful colleague, but he has also been the driving force behind a couple of musical projects such as Teddybears and Caesars.


He has dabbled in songwriting and producing also, working with Giorgio Moroder, Robyn, and Charli XcX. Together the two form Smile, a duo, but that also sometimes contains several of their talented musician friends. Phantom Island is anchored by the smash "Call My Name" featuring global superstar Robyn on vocals.


Smile Phantom Island Track Listing:


1. Kylie
2. Call My Name feat. Robyn
3. Special Knock
4. Kattens Pyjamas
5. Troll-holk
6. Eon
7. Dressed for Success
8. Landsort
9. Phantom Island

Smile - Phantom Island CD

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