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SolidSteel - SS-Series Speaker Stands (Pair)

SolidSteel SS-Series Speaker Stands (Pair)


Reference-Grade Solidsteel SS Speaker Stands Place Your Bookshelf Loudspeakers at the Correct Height Necessary for Critical Listening, Provide Stability, and Feature Incredible Build Quality


Solidsteel's reference-level SS Series speaker stands place your monitor or bookshelf loudspeakers at the correct height critical for serious listening and provide immense stability and rigidity.


Features abound: A unique three-point decoupled top plate is supported by ball-bearings for added isolation; fillable columns and stainless steel spikes also come standard.


A distinctive tripod arrangement, wider at the base than at the top, provides an unsurpassed degree of stability and rigidity for even the highest-performance, cost-no-object speakers. Pairing SS Series speaker stands with any speaker automatically increases detail, musicality, and realism.


Each SS model features a three-leg speaker stand, fillable steel frame with a crimped steel bar, anti-resonant finish, and MDF top plate supported and isolated on precision ball bearings. Removable, adjustable stainless-steel spikes allow the frame to be filled with sand, lead shot, or other damping materials.


High-precision ball bearings interface with the MDF plate at the three frame contact points, providing an exceedingly high level of speaker isolation. The top plate is interchangeable, ensuring a high degree of optimization with the greatest number of monitor and bookshelf speakers. SS stands are also supplied with Blu-Tack, a sonically neutral material used to properly couple the speaker to the top plate.


Solidsteel stands are hand-welded for rigidity and stability. The stainless-steel structural tubes incorporate crimped steel bars at the end of each tube, and are coated with either silver or black anti-resonance paint. The dimensions, and the shape of the cones, are all chosen to maximize sonic benefits. Each three-legged stand is equipped with adjustable leveling spikes and is fillable with lead or sand to further enhance their performance.




Footprint (WD): 13" x 12.2"
Top shelf (WD): 7.48" x 7.48"
Height: 20.7"
Weight: 25.35 lbs.


Footprint (WD): 13" x 12.2"
Top shelf (WD): 6.29" x 6.29"
Height: 24.6"
Weight: 26.9 lbs.


Footprint (WD): 13" x 12.2"
Top shelf (WD): 6.29" x 6.29"
Height: 28.5"
Weight: 28.66 lbs.

SolidSteel - SS-Series Speaker Stands (Pair)

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