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Steve Walsh - Glossolalia Colored Vinyl 2LP

Steve Walsh Glossolalia Colored Vinyl 2LP


Glossolalia is the 2000-released solo album from Kansas's keyboardist/vocalist Steve Walsh. The title refers to the Greek word that means speaking with tongues. This was Walsh's first solo album in 20 years, and it proved to be one of his most ambitious outings.


Incorporating a palette of styles and disciplines, Walsh steps into some intense territory — drawing from a number of sources including personal rehabilitation, film and Indian rituals. In the process, he rises to the occasion of proving he still has the pipes and musicianship to compete on a contemporary plateau. When so many of his peers are playing it close to home, it's refreshing to see someone like Walsh take some risks, writes


Steve Walsh Glossolalia Track Listing:




1. Glossolalia
2. Serious Wreckage
3. Heart Attack
4. Kansas
5. Nothing
6. Haunted Man




1. Smackin' the Clowns
2. That's What Love's All About
3. Mascara Tears
4. Rebecca

Steve Walsh - Glossolalia Colored Vinyl 2LP

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