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Tegan And Sara - Heartthrob Vinyl LP

Tegan And Sara Heartthrob Vinyl LP


"No one will confuse this with any of our other records," Sara explained upon the release of 2013's Heartthrob. "It's got a bigger, bolder, happier sound." And Tegan was explicit about the supersized ambitions motivating the record. "I kept asking myself: Can I hear this in an arena? Can I hear this on a teenager's iPod as they're riding the bus to school?"


Heartthrob doesn't just sound different, it represents a more collaborative way of making music. For the first time, the sibling duo actually wrote a lot of the songs together (in the past there were Tegan songs and Sara songs), and they surrendered more control than usual in the studio, dividing songs between a trio of producers (Greg Kurstin, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, and Mike Elizondo) and a handful of outside musicians to capture the sound they were looking for.


Climbing to No. 3 on the US Billboard 200 and topping the US Top Rock Albums chart, Hearthrob earned a 2013 Polaris Music Prize nomination and took home the Juno Award for Pop Album of the Year and Juno Award for Single of the Year for "Closer."


Tegan And Sara Heartthrob Track Listing:


1. Closer
2. Goodbye, Goodbye
3. I Was A Fool
4. I'm Not Your Hero
5. Drove Me Wild
6. How Come You Don't Want Me
7. I Couldn't Be Your Friend
8. Love They Say
9. Now I'm All Messed Up
10. Shock To Your System

Tegan And Sara - Heartthrob Vinyl LP

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