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The Black Angels - Phosphene Dream Vinyl LP

The Black Angels Phosphene Dream Vinyl LP


The Black Angels third album, and first release on Blue Horizon, is the highly anticipated Phosphene Dream which marks a giant leap forward for the band. Produced and mixed by Dave Sardy (Oasis, Wolfmother, Black Mountain) over a period of six months in Los Angeles, the album shows off both sonically and musically a bold new direction for The Black Angels, a fresh take on the neo-psychedelic movement they’ve been at the forefront of for years.


While past albums Passover and Directions to See a Ghost were recorded in the band’s hometown of Austin, Texas, the process of making Phosphene Dream pulled the band out of their comfort zone and forced them to look at songwriting and recording in a way they never have before. Years of non-stop worldwide touring had turned the band into a tightly wound unit, and those years of work are all on showcase here.


The Black Angels Phosphene Dream Track Listing


1.  Bad Vibrations
2.  Haunting At 1300 Mckinley
3.  Yellow Elevator No.2
4.  Sunday Afternoon
5.  River Of Blood
6.  Entrance Song
7.  Phosphene Dream
8.  True Believers
9.  Telephone
10. The Sniper

The Black Angels - Phosphene Dream Vinyl LP

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