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The Cure - Disintegration 180g Vinyl 2LP

The Cure Disintegration 180g Vinyl 2LP


20th Anniversary Remaster Puts Album Back on LP for First Time in Years

Cure's 1989 Breakthrough Has Never Sounded Better: A Modern Rock Classic


The Cure evolved into one of the most visionary, creatively satisfying and influential groups to come of age in the 1980s. From dreamy pop to moody expressionism, the group's signature sound is adventurous, hypnotic, emotionally deep, and beautifully melodic.


Originally released in 1989, Disintegration is the band's highest selling record to date thanks to the hit singles "Lovesong," "Pictures Of You," and "Lullaby." Now, you can re-experience the groundbreaking band’s masterpiece, remastered to sound better than ever! Also includes complete lyrics and previously unreleased photos. Be prepared to get lost in a sea of sound and emotion.


"It's a single, grand, dense, continual, epic trip into core stuff the Cure did well. They'd always been good at this kind of album, too. If Kiss Me is a crowded, teeming city to explore, listening to Disintegration is more like standing in the middle of some vast, empty space-- the kind of ocean or plain where you can see the horizon in all directions."
--Nitsuh Abebe, Pitchfork, June 10, 2010 "Best New Reissues"


The Cure Disintegration Track Listing:


1.  Plain Song
2.  Pictures Of You
3.  Close Down
4,  Love Song
5.  Last Dance
6.  Lullaby
7.  Fascination Street
8.  Prayers For Rain
9.  The Same Deep Water As You
10. Disintegration
11. Homesick
12. Untitled

The Cure - Disintegration 180g Vinyl 2LP

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