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The Head And The Heart - Living Mirage Vinyl LP

The Head And The Heart Living Mirage Vinyl LP


Living Mirage is The Head and the Heart's first studio album since 2016’s Signs of Light. The album was initially considered by the band during a retreat to Joshua Tree National Park. The writing and recording process continued across the country, with sessions in Wisconsin, Seattle, Nashville and Los Angeles. Living Mirage is also the first album that does not feature co-founder Josiah Johnson.

Living Mirage was born out of growing pains the band experienced through the release of their last album. While making this album, they traveled to the Mojave Desert to spark inspiration and to try to get back to the spontaneous, joyful nature of the time when the band was conceived. What results is a sweeping, dynamic album we know you’ll love.


The Head And The Heart Living Mirage Track Listing:


1. See You Through My Eyes
2. Missed Connection
3. People Need A Melody
4. Honeybee
5. Brenda
6. Running Through Hell
7. Against The Wall
8. Saving Grace
9. I Found Out
10. Living Mirage
11. Glory of Music

The Head And The Heart - Living Mirage Vinyl LP

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