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Tyler The Creator - Flower Boy Vinyl 2LP

Tyler The Creator Flower Boy Vinyl 2LP


Odd Future co-founder and mini mogul Tyler The Creator issues his fourth studio album, Flower Boy on Columbia Records. Debuting at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200, the fully realized follow-up to 2015's Cherry Bomb is ushered in by the formidable singles "Who Dat Boy" with A$AP Rocky and "911 / Mr. Lonely" with Frank Ocean, Steve Lacy and Anna of the North and finds Tyler maturing as both a writer and producer.


"Built on memories and not relying on nostalgia too heavily, Flower Boy is a beautiful album about the realities of growing up," writes Pigeons And Planes. "Losing friends, reminiscing, but not glorifying the teenage days when jokes were funnier the more offensive they are."


Tyler The Creator Flower Boy Track Listing:




1. Foreword
2. Where This Flower Blooms
3. Sometimes...
4. See You Again
5. Who Dat Boy?
6. Pothole
7. Garden Shed




1. Boredom
2. I Ain't Got Time!
3. 911 / Mr. Lonely
4. Dropping Seeds
5. November
6. Glitter
7 .Enjoy Right Now Today

Tyler The Creator - Flower Boy Vinyl 2LP

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