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Ween - White Pepper Colored Vinyl LP

Ween White Pepper Colored Vinyl LP


Originally released in 2000, White Pepper, is one of the Pennsylvania duo's most polished efforts. Gene and Dean Ween are outsider pop geniuses in the greatest sense of the term, brilliant musicians with a firm grasp on just about every popular genre in the last 50 years (Brit-pop, prog, country, soul, new wave, and beyond) and a quirky streak a mile wide. Featuring the flamboyant rocker "Even If You Don't," White Pepper is yet another Ween classic reissued on colored vinyl courtesy of Plain Recordings.


Ween White Pepper Track Listing:


1. Exactly Where I'm At
2. Flutes of Chi
3. Even If You Don't
4. Bananas and Blow
5. Stroker Ace
6. Ice Castles
7. Back to Basom
8. The Grobe
9. Pandy Fackler
10. Stay Forever
11. Falling Out
12. She's Your Baby

Ween - White Pepper Colored Vinyl LP

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