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Wharfedale - ST-1 Speaker Stands (Pair)

Wharfedale ST-1 Speaker Stands (Pair)


Solidly Built Wharfedale WH-ST1 Speaker Stands Deliver Improved Soundstages, Sharper Details, Focused Images: Tailor-Made for Wharfedale Diamond 200 Series Loudspeakers


You've already made a smart decision by purchasing a pair of Wharfedale's outstanding Diamond 200 Series bookshelf loudspeakers, so make sure to optimize them by placing them on WH-ST1 speaker stands.


These solidly built stands are specifically tailored for Diamond 200 Series speakers and will also enhance any other small- to mid-sized bookshelves. By isolating your speakers from vibrations and presenting them at the perfect height for critical listening, WH-ST1s deliver improved soundstages, focused images, enhanced ambience, and sharper details.


They also allow you to move your speakers away from the wall or out of the bookcase for optimal performance.




Top Plate: The speaker stands' top plates measure 6" wide x 8.25" deep. The top plates feature an integrated felt pad to provide a safe & secure place for your bookshelf speakers to rest.


Weight Capacity: Each speaker stand can support up to 30 lbs; make sure your speaker weighs no more than 25 lbs.




Eight spiked feet are included if you are placing the stands on carpet. The spike feet increase the overall height of the speaker stands from 22.0625" to 22.625".


Steel Construction:


The WH-ST1 speaker stands feature sturdy aluminum construction with a matte black finish. This precision design means the stand is solid in stature and the stability is optimized with reduced vibration and resonance.

Wharfedale - ST-1 Speaker Stands (Pair)

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