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Wharfedale - ST-3 Speaker Stands (Pair)

Wharfedale ST-3 Speaker Stands (Pair)


Stainless-Steel Wharfedale ST-3 Speaker Stands Provide Extra Stability, Include Cable-Management System: Ideal for D310 and D320 or Almost Any Other Bookshelf Loudspeaker


Ideal for the Wharfedale D310 and D320 models as well as most other bookshelf loudspeakers, the company's ST-3 speaker stands feature stainless-steel construction that leads excellent stability, vibration-resistant performance, and isolation from the floor. An integrated cable-management system for clutter-free appearances and adjustable foot spikes also come standard.


Your choice of black or white textured finishes that look great in any room completes a purpose-oriented 23.62-inch-tall stand certain to heighten (literally and figuratively) the sound and aesthetics of your speakers.




Ideal complement for standmount / bookshelf speakers
Purpose designed for small-footprint speakers such as the award-winning Wharfedale D310 & D320
High-quality stainless steel construction
Adjustable foot-spikes for extra isolation
Integrated cable management system
Textured satin finishes

Wharfedale - ST-3 Speaker Stands (Pair)

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